Standard Development

This is a collaborative and consensus building process involving the critical stakeholders from industry, training, education and labour. The process includes the following:

  • Identification of technical/subject matter experts with the requisite knowledge and experience by Sector Advisory Committee or Sector Skills Council to form the committee or Lead Body to develop the standard
  • Orientation and training of members of the Lead Body in conducting Occupational Analysis: methods may include Functional Analysis, Task Analysis or Developing A Curriculum (DACUM)
  • Development of the various components of the standard namely Units, Elements, Performance Criteria, Knowledge and Skills, Evidence Guide and Qualification Plan by the lead body.
  • Sign off on the standard by the Lead Body as evidence that the standards’ development was industry driven.
  • Endorsement of the standards by the Local Industry Advisory Committee. This will foster buy in from industry.
  • Approval from the SLCTVET which make the standards National Occupational Standards.