National Vocational Qualifications – NVQs

These are Vocational Qualifications based on competency standards which have been developed and validated for occupations which are relevant to a particular country. The Saint Lucia National Vocational Qualification (SLNVQ) is an occupational standard developed and validated in Saint Lucia for use in St Lucia. In order for an NVQ to gain CVQ status, it has to be submitted to the CARICOM Committee for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) through the Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA) for approval. A clear example of this was when the SLCTVET submitted the Sustainable Seamoss Production – Level 3 and Boating Operations and Safety for Fishers Operating Vessels of 12M or Less - Level 3 NVQs to CANTA for review and approval by COHSOD. The two standards were approved as CVQs in March 2016 and are being used to train and certify candidates in the two skill areas.

Caribbean Vocational Qualifications – CVQs

The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is an award that represents the achievement of a set of competences that define the core work practices of an occupational area consistent with the levels articulated within the regional qualifications framework. (CANTA 2007)

The award signifies a demonstrated level of achievement and competence measured against established industry criteria. To earn the award, candidates must demonstrate competence in reaching CARICOM-approved occupational standards developed by practitioners and employers (i.e. the industry experts).